About Us

SPXCE Mission

With a student-centered approach, the Social Justice Programming & Cross Cultural Engagement Intercultural Center (SPXCE, pronounced "space") works to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and affirming MIT campus climate. As a collaborative initiative between the Office of Multicultural Programs and LBGTQ@MIT, the SPXCE provides intersectional social justice education, support, community-building, and leadership development. The SPXCE serves as a place where students can feel at home and exist in their wholeness while exploring all of their identities authentically with compassion and care.

Click here to explore more about the mission, goals, values, and commitments of the Office of Multicultural Programs and LBGTQ@MIT.

SPXCE Matters

This marks the arrival of a long-awaited, much needed, and well-deserved space for the OMP to advise 70+ student clubs in addition to supporting the Black Students' Union and Latino Cultural Center. LBGTQ Services staff will continue to work with LBGTQ communities and offer their signature recurring programs. Both offices offer intersectional training, events support, community, and advocacy for and regarding minoritized students.

Aside from the staff offices for OMP and LBGTQ@MIT, the SPXCE also offers a social lounge, study space, chalk wall, kitchenette, computer lab, all-gender restroom, a projector and screens, moveable white boards, and information on additional campus and local resources.

SPXCE Serves

All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome! Our goal is for the SPXCE to be a home away from home, and a place where you can engage with others – both within community and across difference. We also invite student clubs and organizations to come and spend some time with us!

If your club or organization is interested in holding a meeting or event in the SPXCE, please contact one of the SPXCE staff with the following information at least two weeks in advance:

  • Event date and start/end time
  • Name of event and brief description
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Alignment with SPXCE's mission